Properties of bricks
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Appointment brick defines certain material properties that allow it to apply in a given field. And the appointment of a brick can be building, facing and special.
Building bricks used for building exterior and interior walls. Facing brick outer surface has an excellent quality, which allows to withstand various influences.
A special type is used for special operating conditions. The following property, which characterizes the brick, is emptiness. Hence, this building material can be hollow (hollowness can reach up to 45%), solid centers (bricks without voids) and aerated (except structural voids formed mikropustoty, while ensuring ease). Quality insulation from porous brick is much higher than that of a hollow or corpulent, and therefore, the walls are thinner.The size of bricks can be divided into four types: it can be single, one and a half, double and non-standard (this includes the European sizes, the four-, eight-, restoration, etc.). The following property of brick is its density, which is defined as any other matter density, ie, dividing the mass by the volume. What density will be higher, the properties of thermal insulation will be lower. The strength of brick is determined by the ability of a construction material does not collapse under the influence of external forces, which, naturally, cause internal stresses. Brick, as is known, varies by make and define it as a testing time for compression and bending.
Resistance to low temperature is an important property, especially in the edges with a temperate climate. This ability is as follows. The material is saturated with water, then it undergoes repeated freezing and thawing alternately (freezing at -15 ° C, thawing at room temperature), then there should be no meaningful technical damage, and should not happen deterioration of properties. The thermal conductivity of bricks is a property of the material to transfer heat when the temperature difference between inside and outside the structure. Thus, if the thermal conductivity is lower, the heat in the house will be greater. The thickness of the wall does not act as such a property of brick, however, to her are required in this regione.Sleduyuschim property of brick is its water absorption. Is the ability to absorb the material, and then retain moisture in its pores. This is necessary because the saturation water main properties are falling, however, as prochnost.Vazhnym parameter brick supports resistance to fire. It consists in resisting high temperatures, that is, is the preservation of the bearing capacity in case of fire. Brick is a truly unique fire resistance. And as if the main generalize the properties include durability of brick. Depends on the quality of resistance building material impacts of external and internal factors.

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